Graph shows rounded numbers

  • I am using Grafana v8.3.4 (a551d74b11) in a docker container grafana/grafana-oss

  • What I am trying to create a graph with temperatures with 2 decimals.

  • How Read my sqlite3 database with temperatures with 2 decimals (ex. 19.53), Grafana query “SELECT datetime as time, SchouwL, SchouwR, Erker FROM nodewkvwtemp WHERE time >= $__from / 1000 and time < $__to / 1000”. In the graph → Standard options → Decimals I typed a 2.

  • What happened? I get a graph with the correct presentation of SchouwR and Erker. I see the values like 18.44 and 17.81. But SchouwL is given as integers. I see only the values 18.0, 19.0 or 20.0. Both in the graph as in the query inspector.

  • What did you expect to happen? To show the in between values as in the sqlite database, like 18.35 or 19.68. Not rounded to 18.00, 19.00 or 20.00

Note: The temperatues were displayed correct yesterday. I did not update Grafana.

When the query is changed to (SchouwL*10), the values 189.0, 190.0 and 191.0 are shown in the graph and query inspector.

Changing the query to (SchouwL*10)*10 gives me the 18.0 and 19.0 values again, not the 18.9 as expected.