Graph Panel:Cloudwatch: need hover to show [dimension=?] at value for single point

v 5.4.2
aws cloudwatch metrics datasource

when watching an EC2 metric such as CPUUtilization, MAX values, without specifying a dimension, the backend query seems to be looking at AWS->Across_All_Instance_Metrics; which is the default monitor view I want. HOWEver when a spike arrives, I want to hover the peak and see some dimension that contributed to the value; i.e. instance_id. Seeing the hover show me the exact value of the peak is so passe.

Is there a way to do something like apply a dimension query when hovering? That would be really cool. And helpful.

Referenced this article:

So I now have a Query selector including “ALL” and/or multiple selected instanceIds for the account.

I turned on stacking and got separation that shows me the tsdb values in a truly useful manner, but, the labels for each series is “CPUUtilization_max”; and doesn’t attach the instanced_id, which it knows from the query selector right?

So amending the grander question to whether I am missing a labelling option that could refer to the “$instance_id” query variable I have created.