Grafana with influxDB - problems to use multiple querys with WHERE

Hello guys,

Im having a problem when I use more than one query using WHERE to filter the data.

You can see in this screenshot that with one query works just fine ( I disable the second one).

But when I enable the second query it stops to work.

Please can someone help me?


I think we might be having the same issue, there is a bug report here:

What versions of influxdb and grafana are you using?

I’m using v6.1.3 now. I guess was a problem with this new version.

I did some changes and now is working with this query:

A: SELECT “AccXAVG” FROM “measures” WHERE (“deviceID” =~ /^device/)
B SELECT “AccYAVG” FROM “measures” WHERE (“deviceID” =~ /^device/)
C SELECT “AccYAVG” FROM “measures” WHERE (“deviceID” =~ /^device/)

Thanks for your attention. You can close this issue.