Grafana with Azure blob storage Parquet files as source

Hello you guys,
I hope my question fits this sub-category. :slight_smile:

I am currently working on a data science project, in which we want to monitor our models performance. We want to visualize some metrics and visually compare our predictions to the actual real world values. Grafana sounds like the perfect fit for us! :smiley:

Here comes the question. Our metrics and predictions are saved as Parquet files in an Azure blob storage container. I was wondering what the best data source would be, to ingest the metrics into so that we can create a Grafana dashboard with it. I’ve read that there is an InfluxDB plugin, which is able to parse parquet files. I’ve also noticed that there is a influxdb-client sdk for Python, so if necessary we could write a script that ingests the data ‘by hand’.
Are there any other (Time Series) data bases, that would fit our requirements, which I’m not aware of and is supported by Grafana?

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:


Welcome @oakartz

I dont know of any direct paquet plugin that I know of

But maybe you can use python to get the data into influxdb

Can you share your paquet schema