Grafana with AWS Cognito redirect missmatch


I am new to Grafana and AWS Cognito. Currently, I am trying to implement AWS Cognito with my local Grafana. Once, I press “Sign in with OAuth” I am getting redirect to one of the Cognitos callbacks URLs which returns “redirect_missmatch” error. Here is some of my configuration:

AWS Cognito Setup:

I am confused about what’s wrong and why is OAuth not working, any ideas?

Are you sure, that your env variable GF_ROOT_URL has correct value? A typo seems to be there.
You should to provide URL where you are redirected by Grafana for login - there is url encoded value in redirect_url parameter, which probably is not matching your Cognito client config.

Thanks for taking your time to reply. GF_ROOT_URL had a typo indeed. But in Grafana config I can not find redirect_url. Only signout_redirect_url, is this the one you meant?

I have tried all the Callback URL’s and Sign out URL’s for signout_redirect_url. I am still getting the same error:

You didn’t provide that.