Grafana Tempo in Multi Kubernetes Cluster

I am operating several K8s Clusters.
To collect logs, expose Loki’s endpoint as Ingress to the central Kubernetes Cluster, and use the endpoint in the distributed cluster’s Promtail.

Can Tempo have a configuration like this?

Ingress value does not exist in grafana/tempo helm chart.

grafana/tempo-distributed helm uses ingress on tempo gateway. Can Query Endpoint and OTEL Exporter Endpoint be used through the unified port of this gateway?

Or what’s the best way to use Grafana Tempo and Loki in a multi-cluster environment?

Hi @marload.

Ingress is a bit tricky on Tempo since it’s gRPC-based when using multi-tenancy and that complicates everything. If you’re fine with not using multi-tenancy, then yes, you can write to the gateway’s HTTP ingest paths.

Yes, as said before, the caveat is that you’ll need to use HTTP paths.

Cluster federation is natively supported in our enterprise offerings (Grafana Enterprise Traces/Logs).