Grafana-server web (documentation?)


The docs for the generic linux tarball ( say to run with ./bin/grafana-server web.

However the init.d script and systemd unit files are running without the web bit.

running ./bin/grafana-server --help doesn’t help answer this question either

root@de03:/opt/grafana/current# ./bin/grafana-server --help
Usage of ./bin/grafana-server:
  -config string
    	path to config file
  -homepath string
    	path to grafana install/home path, defaults to working directory
  -packaging string
    	describes the way Grafana was installed (default "unknown")
  -pidfile string
    	path to pid file
    	Turn on pprof profiling
  -profile-port int
    	Define custom port for profiling (default 6060)
  -test.bench regexp
    	run only benchmarks matching regexp
    	print memory allocations for benchmarks
  -test.benchtime d
    	run each benchmark for duration d (default 1s)
  -test.blockprofile file
    	write a goroutine blocking profile to file
  -test.blockprofilerate rate
    	set blocking profile rate (see runtime.SetBlockProfileRate) (default 1)
  -test.count n
    	run tests and benchmarks n times (default 1)
  -test.coverprofile file
    	write a coverage profile to file
  -test.cpu list
    	comma-separated list of cpu counts to run each test with
  -test.cpuprofile file
    	write a cpu profile to file
    	do not start new tests after the first test failure
  -test.list regexp
    	list tests, examples, and benchmarks matching regexp then exit
  -test.memprofile file
    	write an allocation profile to file
  -test.memprofilerate rate
    	set memory allocation profiling rate (see runtime.MemProfileRate)
  -test.mutexprofile string
    	write a mutex contention profile to the named file after execution
  -test.mutexprofilefraction int
    	if >= 0, calls runtime.SetMutexProfileFraction() (default 1)
  -test.outputdir dir
    	write profiles to dir
  -test.parallel n
    	run at most n tests in parallel (default 2) regexp
    	run only tests and examples matching regexp
    	run smaller test suite to save time
  -test.testlogfile file
    	write test action log to file (for use only by cmd/go)
  -test.timeout d
    	panic test binary after duration d (default 0, timeout disabled)
  -test.trace file
    	write an execution trace to file
    	verbose: print additional output
  -v	prints current version and exits

Google searching "grafana-server web" doesn’t give much beyond the already cited install doc.

Originally I figured this was a case of missing docs (ie web is a feature that isn’t well documented) or just out of date docs.

However: running grafana-server web starts without any errors. Running without web also starts without any errors. I would expect that if web wasn’t a valid option that grafana-server would throw an error.

Is there a difference? Am I an idiot and just missed the docs somewhere? Thanks.