Grafana Postman collection and more

Hi guys,
I couldn’t find any collection ready available for the grafana api, so I went ahead and made one.
If you might find it useful, you can find it here:

The collection is made for the vscode extension thunder client, but it is also exported in postman format v2, and i m planning to add a version for the rest client extension as well.

Have a good one!


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Hi @gjed ,

Well I also bumped into this one 2 days a go and found this link (as not officially maintained by us) which seems to be working (did not try each of them :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps !

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Acutally, a couple days later after posting, I found out you can just import the openapi definition in postman and you’re ready to go (like the one from

Might just do a pharser from openapi to the Rest vscode client so the circle is closed


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awesome, thanks! I use insomnia and was able to import it directly from URL