Grafana plugins and application load

General question: Is there something I need to be careful about when configuring Grafana plugins?

Context: I recently started using the Redis application and Redis explorer plugins. They are very good and informative, however Iā€™m wondering if there is any chance they put extra load on the actual Redis instances they are monitoring, and if so, if there is a tunable option to decrease any load caused by Grafana on those instances.

Any comment/tip appreciated :smiley:

@mikhailvolkov any feedback on this question? :sunglasses:

@aorfanos, Redis plugins use INFO command to monitor Redis instance, which creates minimal load. Overall load on the instance depends on the number of panels, commands used for monitoring application data and people looking at the dashboard the same time.
Redis Application has custom latency panel (Command Latency - Redis plugins for Grafana), which can be used to monitoring latency.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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