Grafana Panel Plugin Load data on demand (click event)


I am working on a customized panel plugin where I need to show data and provide a drill down functionality. My environment would be

  • React Panel
  • Grafana 6.5.3
  • InfluxDb as datasource

What I want to achieve is

  • Initial set of data will be loaded from influx query (That part is pretty much clear how to do).
  • The customized panel have some clickable items and on click I need to load additional data (based on selection), I am not sure how this part can be achieved and what is best way to communicate with data source (influxDb in my case) from panel plugin. I see eventBus, perhaps this is the way to communicate with outer world, but couldn’t find any significant help from documentation.

Any sort of help/pointer is appreciated, or example opensource plugin which is already doing such stuff.