Grafana organizations with loki specific labels

We were using Grafana and Loki in our company. But now we have requirement to recreate Grafana using organizations, which can access specific Loki logs based on Loki labels. E.g. Granana users in org A can reach Loki logs with label “groupA”, but can not access logs with label “groupB” and other way for Grafana org B.
Is it possible to do? If yes any examples or references?
Thank you!

Do the separate “organizations” share any views of data in Grafana, or are
they simply separate from each other as you’ve described?

If they’re separate, the simplest solution might be to host separate instances
of Grafana, each pointing to the appropriate data source, using virtual
hostnames (or virtual servers).


Thank you for the answer, but the issue is more about getting specific logs from Loki by labels and not about Grafana.
At the moment we have option to use multiple Loki servers for different log groups (e.g. one server with common logs and other with more sensitive information) and setup different Data sources in Grafana, so only few people could see sensitive logs, but it is not very convenient.
Looking for approach to use single Loki server and read logs in Grafana only for specific Loki logs (subset of logs). In other words all people can select logs with “common” label and only few of them with “sensitive” label from the same Loki server.

Looks like the solution is to use Loki multi tenant approach with header “X-Scope-OrgID”.

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