Grafana On-Call's Backend URL

Hi guys, I tried to integrate Grafana On-Call into my Grafana instance. However, in the configuration process (1st image), they threw an error like this (2nd image) while I check that URL on my browser, and it returned “OK” (3rd image). Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks in advance


Some things to ask:

  • Are you running grafana inside a docker container? If so, this container might not have access to the resource
  • Are you sure the machine that runs grafana has access to this resource? (that your computer has access to the resource doesn’t guarantee the machine or container running grafana has it)
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Can you give me some pointers as to how to check access to the resources?

@jackiez that comes to be more a docker question than a Grafana question.

I can’t provide you all the information you need but you can read more about how docker networks in the original docker documentation. Also this is a docker topic and not a grafana topic so this forum might not be the best place to ask about it.

In short:

  • A program running inside a docker container trying to access localhost is effectively accessing the container itself, not the host (the machine running the docker container)
  • If you have, for example, a container running mysql and second container wants to access it, you can do that using the container name or container hostname as long as they are in the same network (if they are in the same docker-compose file, in most of the cases, they are)
  • If you want to access, from a process inside the container, a resource that is running in the host, you can’t simply call localhost (because as said before, that’s the container itself) instead you need to call a special IP or domain that points to the host machine. It is usually called host.docker.internal and you can read more here in the official docs and someone asked a similar question in stackoverflow sometime ago that has a relevant response.
  • To check if you have access to a resource from the container, you can for example, run a interactive shell inside the container and try to use curl, wget, telnet or a similar tool to see if the resource you want (including its port) is available from inside the container.

As I mentioned before, this is a docker topic and not a Grafana one and it’d be best to try to find more information about it in docker-related forums.

best luck!

Hey, If the Grafana On-Call service requires authentication, make sure that you’ve provided the correct credentials in the Grafana configuration. Check if there are any API keys, tokens, or authentication mechanisms required.