Grafana+Loki: missing lable in Explore

Hi all, i need some help.

I have stack grafana+loki+promtail and small k8s clester.
Grafana version: 9.1.0

Problem: Whhen i select namespase as filter i dont see all app:

Then when i select missing item, i got error massage:

Empty results, no matching label for {app=“ws-underground-works-public-ui”}

Meaybe someone have idea how to fix this?

PS: Only 2 images for new users, ok =)

Hi @alex2532,

Welcome to the :grafana: community forum !!

Can you please share your Loki and Promtail configuration files so that the community members can have a better look?


I use separate helm charts(no loki-stack) with default config. I only added
existing pvc(grafana,loki) and config.client.url(promtail). Nothing criminal.

Hi @alex2532,

Thanks for providing more details.

I do not have much expertise when it comes to Kubernets world but I will still try to help you.

We have a documentation page which describes a sample configuration for HELM (Loki + Promtal) to make it working;

Also, found (not exactly) a similar post in our community forum about HELM Charts label issues for loki.

I hope this helps.