Grafana Logs Shows An Absolute Data

In Grafana UI, I am running a query which I want to get the logs, but the data is not being changed.
It shows me only logs from 15/01/2024 and nothing else.
The time range is set as from now-15m to now.
Don’t think it’s an issue with the time, cause also when changing the query itself, nothing is being changed in the dashboard, it’s like it’s generating an absolute output.

Unless we’re simply going to guess, at the very least you should show us what
the query is.

Even better would be to give us some examples of data which exists in the
back-end data store and you believe should be included in the query output.

What is your back-end data store?

If you can perform a manual query for the data independently of Grafana, that
would be even better, as an independent confirmation that the data does exist,
and the query you are using should return it.


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I am using Loki as a data source.

The query is something like this:
{namespace=“example”, cluster=“111111”, job=~“example/airflow.*”}
As you can see here, this is the dashboard I have saved since 15/01/2024 and no data was updated, even though I’ve specified to provide me the logs of the last 7 days, it doesn’t show me anything:

But when I created another dashboard with the same query, it shows me different logs, which are since 22/02/2024:

  1. Check your query option in the dashboard. See if you are overwriting query interval or other time settings.

  2. Query inspector shows you the actual API call it makes to Loki, compare those.

  3. Please make your screenshot bigger to include other things such as your actual query.