Grafana instance on AKS with AAD doesn't work

Hi everyone,

I’m tryin’ to installa a Grafana instance on Azure Kubernetes Service following this guide: Azure Monitor – Install AKS Monitoring Grafana Dashboard With Azure AD Integration Using Helm | STEFANROTH.NET

Unfortunately in the end I can’t see grafana in the browser page; the connection isn’t safe and I read this error: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID
I can, also, continue with a not safe connection and I can see (finally) Grafana but it’s not what I want.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Kubernetes, but I can imagine where is the problem.
I can’t run corretly the command: helm install cert-manager --namespace cert-manager --version v0.8.0 jetstack/cert-manager (I deleted --name from the command because I’m using helm3)
The error is this: Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: unable to recognize "": no matches for kind "Deployment" in version "apps/v1beta1"
And I tried with the another version: helm install cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager --namespace cert-manager --version v1.6.1
After a few seconds the Azure powershell stops and must be restarted and, at this point, I am not able to run again the command because the name is still in use.

Has anyone already had this problem? Do you know how I can solve it?
Even if someone had followed another working tutorial and wanted to link it, it would be helpful for me.

Thanks for the help!