Grafana.ini not updated to latest release? Change date format to European settings

I recently updated grafana on my raspberry pi from 6.6.1. to 7.3.1. (DEB install) to make use of a custom european time format adjustment presented from 7.2 and upwards.

If I edit the grafana.ini file in /etc/grafana/grafana.ini I cannot see the segment [date_formats] .

Is it possible that the new (7.3.1.) INI file is not updated to the latest release?

If I look in de admin screen I can see the possible adjustments (so it must be somewhere stored):

Can anyone help me to adjust the settings? (fe; MM/DD to DD/MM)

Preview of grafana.ini:

UPDATE: I figured it out; I managed to adjust the Date-settings. I didn’t change the grafana.ini (as I couldn’t because the data-entries are not there) but changed the default.ini instead:

PATH: /usr/share/grafana/conf

Request: If I did it wrong and should have adjusted the grafana.ini instead of the default.ini please let me know.

Now I changed it to European setting with day-month-year format (instead of year-month-day) in the default.ini file and restarted the server. Now it is fine.

Admin screen

Example 1:

last 90 days

Example 2:



The defaults.ini contain all the existing settings and is updated every time a setting is added to Grafana with default values. It shouldn’t be change because 1) it contains all the defaults values so it can help you go back to these if you face unexpected behavior and 2) as it may be updated every release, you may lose your changes after a Grafana update.

If you want to update settings, you can just copy / paste the section you’re interested in and update it with the values you want.

You can find more information on how to configure Grafana in the documentation.

Thanks for letting me know how it works, is very much appreciated.
So I should, in my case of adjusting region data and time adjustments, copy the whole ‘date segment’ of the default.ini and paste it in the grafana.ini in a new section, for instance in the end of the file.
Is this correct?

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Yes, since grafana.ini is a config file, it won’t (or shouldn’t) ever change on upgrades from the time you first install. So any new config sections that get added or changed in different versions, you either need to accept the defaults (what you will get if you do nothing) or add them in to your grafana.ini and set them to what you want. Editing defaults.ini will ensure your changes are lost the next time you upgrade.

Thanks Caleb & agnestoulet1 for the update to me. I, as a new Grafana user, found the documentation not very clear on this. Especially around the copy/paste (type over) from default.ini file and add part to the grafana.ini file.

Yeah, I’ve not found anything that makes it real clear, I’ve just had to learn as new features have been added and I wasn’t able to configure them. So now, usually once a year or so, I go through and sync up my config with the defaults so that I have all the config options in my config file.