Grafana.ini is missing and unable to configure SMTP


I need to configure SMTP to trigger email alerts from grafana. But grafana.ini file is missing. There is no proper document or support to troubleshoot the issue.
I am really disappointed about this grafana tool. There are lot of issues in the tool and not an user friendly. Look at the other monitoring tools. By default, they are providing email alerts without doing any configuration. Also, separate sub tools for logs, metrics, traces.
I need solution for said point at the beginning .
Version - grafana-v10.2.3
OS - Amazon linux


  1. How did you install grafana? If you followed an onlie guide, please
    provide the URL.

  2. What are the outputs of the commands:

a) ls -l /etc/grafana

b) find / -type d -name grafana

c) find / -type f -name grafana.ini


This is the steps i followed:
tar -zxvf grafana-enterprise-10.2.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd grafana-v10.2.3
cd bin
cp grafana-server /usr/local/bin
./grafana-server &

I searched by using your commands, but “grafana.ini” not found

I do not regard that as an effective way of installing Grafana at all.

It places the single binary file into /usr/local/bin and nothing else.

Please follow an official guide to installing Grafana and report back if you
continue to have have problems.

Install Grafana | Grafana documentation may be a
useful starting point. I cannot advise on how these instructions may be
applicable to Amazon Linux - I’m not even sure that Grafana is supported on
that platform.


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