Grafana influxdb data query

Hello Everybody,
lease should be informed that customized a query which gave result, i refreshed data manually and automatically however the time and date not change on query it remain the same so i could not get an updated graph we are to day 10/14/2023 please take a look on the screenshoot is there a way to schedule of update query
screenshot query

i don’t know the reason if the influxdb didnt reciev any update from telegraf

this is my query

SELECT “prtMarkerSuppliesDescription” AS “Descreption”,max(“prtMarkerSuppliesLevel”), “prtMarkerSuppliesMaxCapacity” AS “Capacity”, (“prtMarkerSuppliesLevel” / “prtMarkerSuppliesMaxCapacity”) *100 AS “current Level” from printer where “prtMarkerSuppliesDescription” =~ /Toner/ and (“agent_host” =~ /^$/)

I solved the issue,it was wrongs OID of supply informations and i make interval time on agent to 5m instead of 10s