I have Prometheus and Grafana set up together.
I have installed Blackbox explorer on my servers.
I’m having trouble to find the correct parameters to trigger a alarm.

I’m doing probing on the http protocol and it all works but i can’t figure how to set an alarm to alert me when the probe fails.

I’m still a total beginner and i’m learning setting up monitoring tools for servers.
Can anyone point me in the good direction?

Thanks alot!

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @joeyzwaan17

What version of Grafana are you using?

And can you confirm: are you using the new Unified Alerting platform or the legacy platform?

The reason I ask is because the old and new alerting platforms are very different, and I would strongly suggest you begin your Alerting journey in Grafana using the newer platform–will save you a lot of headaches, and it’s the future :+1: