Grafana: How to display error logs in different colors depending on ErrorLevel?


I am currently working on the visualization of error logs using Grafana. The error logs are stored within ElasticSearch (logged via logstash). My error logs have different error levels (warning, error, fatal) which I am trying to display within a log table.

And what I want to know is:

Is it possible to display each log entry in a certain colour depending on the error level? So for example: All fatal error log entris should be displayed with red background, warning with yellow background and errors with orange background.

Is something like this possible? If yes, how can this be done?

Thank you in advance for any advice you could possibly give me.

Hi @theresalichtenberger ,

I would start by reading this thread about colorizing table rows. It also includes links for how to colorize table cells based on thresholds.