Grafana get output

Hi we want an alert and alert should tell us if there is any group whose count is below 10.
That is I want the alert summary to show the group name for which the count is below 10

what i want : summary : The count is less than 10 for Pluto

the query I am using to generate alert

select distinct count(*) as cnt,Group from


where date(_PARTITIONTIME) = current_date() group by Group

i use B reduce Function last input A, mode strict

C threshold input B is below 10

i see in the preview we get a series below on stats

column below B

Group=Pluto 103
Group=Neptune 20

under column c in preview
Group=Pluto 1
Group=Neptune 1

How do i make the alert so that i can take the values after ‘Group=’ in the summary?
Why in the data under column c preview is changing to 1?
image linkimage of grafana settings