Grafana Druid Request

Hello Guys !
I’m currently using Grafana 7.1.0 version , I’m tying to do some graphics and Tables using Druid request but when I’m using type “Scan” and add Transform features , I ended up with this warning " An Unexpected error happened" … Can you guys help me ? What does that mean ? How could I fix it ?
Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hello @t1na !

What is your Druid version ?
Did you developp yourself the scan function on the druid-grafana connector ?

I use druid 0.17 and grafana 7.1.0, it’s working for me :

But we developped ourself the scan function

Hello @fabienr !
Thanks for your reply but I was asking when you " ADD Transform features " we ended up with an error but thanks for your help !