Grafana do not show retention-resolution 1h on dashboard when query 90days

Sorry ,In my stack grafana connect to thanos-query thanos-store and thanos-compactor

I want to query data 90days
grafana problem is not show data on thanos-query auto-downsampling
but show “5m-downsampling” on grafana dashboard
How do I fixed it ?

information config


--log.level debug --query.replica-label environment
--query.replica-label prometheus_replica 


--log.level debug --data-dir /var/lib/thanos-compactor 
--retention.resolution-raw 7d 
--retention.resolution-5m 20d 
--retention.resolution-1h 90d 
--delete-delay 72h


--log.level debug 
--objstore.config-file /etc/thanos/thanos-store.yml 
--index-cache-size 250MB 
--chunk-pool-size 2GB 
--store.grpc.series-sample-limit 0 
--store.grpc.series-max-concurrency 20

image capture
== grafana query 90 days===

== thanos query auto downsampling===

== thanos query 5m downsampling ===

if I tried edit "Max data points = 800 " on query options grafana ,it show auto-down-sampling why ?


grafana version 7.5.5

Hi @peachwaravich,

Thanks for opening this post.

Grafana’s current latest stable version is 9.3.1 and the version you are using is a bit older now. Also, there are numerous bug fixes and improvements had been made along the releases (see Changelog)

The recommendation would be to test this in the recent stable version and if that does not work then feel free to report it here.

Hi @peachwaravich,

Thanks for updating it.

Hmm, this is something also new for me and seems to be related to Thanos and Grafana. I found this GitHub issue which seems a close match to your issue.

Maybe you can find some hints.

Hi @usmanahmad thanks for solution, now I found a solution
when I’ve access to grafana dashboard (linux exporter template) show windows full screen size , I got a problem , it can’t show data 90 days

but when resized panel on dashboard , I can see panel 90 days

sorry , Do you have any solve a problem ?

very interesting :face_with_monocle:

Could you please do the following:

  1. Open this Dashboard into e.g. Chrome browser and use the Browser Developer Tools
  2. Clear out the Console Tab and Network (just before reproducing it)
  3. Reproduce the issue and note down any errors in the console and network tab (send it to us)
  4. The best way to send us is via .HAR file (here is the link how to do it)

I will really like to see the network n console logs for this one :slight_smile: