Grafana crashes with large CloudWatch query

Grafana keeps crashing when ever I have a large query.
For example I have 12 ELBs and I’m attempting to display 4 metrics in the Boom Table.
The page might load and display them OK, but then if I attempt to refresh the page Grafana crashes.
How can I investigate the cause further?
Could it be related to CloudWatch API request limits?

Hi @rickb Hope you have figured out the root cause. If this issue is related to boom table, feel free to raise a issue in

BTW, I have released a new version of boom table to hide first column and table headers as you requested.

I think the root of the cause is the AWS CloudWatch rate limit (although I haven’t been able to confirm this).
I happens with other panels too if the query is very large.
For instance if I try to have one single table panel and display 40 load balancers and say 2 metrics it fails and you don’t get a response back.
If I repeat the panel for every load balancer it works OK as this seems to create multiple smaller queries.

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