Grafana Cloud not redirecting after login


We have been using Grafana Kiosk for a while and everything used to be working fine up until recently. If you use Grafana Kiosk to open a Dashboard or Playlist directly it will not actually open anymore.

I expect that the problem is because when the Grafana Kiosk actually logs in it does not get redirected back to the page you originally came from. You will always get redirected back to the overall dashboard view of Grafana.

I was able to reproduce the same issue when you open any dashboard URL directly in the browser.

The steps are as following:

  • Visit https://$
  • Get redirect to https://$
  • Press the button “Sign in with Grafana”
  • Sign in on
  • You’ll be redirected toward https://$

Are there other people who experience the same issue or have a solution for the problem I’m facing? If not, it would be great if the previously working scenario could be reintroduced :slight_smile:


Hi @cino would you mind opening a support ticket so we can look into this for you?

Hi daviddorman,

I’ve actually already opened a support ticket #34107 which told me to open a Community topic.

Ah, I’ll get this handled for you, sorry for the run-around :slight_smile:

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Hey everybody,

I am experiencing the same behavior: Since a few days grafana-kiosk is always ending up on the “welcome-dashboard”, instead of the passed dashboard. Was there any outcome in the mentioned support ticket?


At the moment I don’t have new information to share from my existing support ticket. When I get a reply I’ll share the status in this community topic :+1:

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I’ve just been informed in the Support ticket that the issue has been escalated to the Engineering team.

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Update: The issue regarding the gcom login method has been resolved. As far as I’m concerned everything works like expected.

Yes, I can confirm that! Thanks!