Grafana Cloud Docker installation

I’d like to install grafana-agent into docker images and assign the environment variables to grafana-agent at deployment.

I’m following the guide: Get started with monitoring using an integration | Grafana Cloud documentation but am finding it difficult to install grafana cloud into the docker image.

  1. needed to change base docker image for install
  2. install install requires sudo and installs directly from url
  3. sudo: systemctl: command not found

Does Grafana provides a Docker-friendly installation script?


How are you doing this? Can you show us what you have done, what inage you used etc

I have not been successful yet. Are you able to tell me the recommended approach be to using grafana-cloud with my set-up?

My system consists of various microservices that are mostly nodejs applications compiled to node:apline docker images.

Is it be possible to embed grafana-cloud in to the docker images using (/bin/sh -c “$(curl -fsSL” on build?

I want to collect logs, metrics and traces to grafana cloud. This is a new SaaS system and I think using grafana cloud from monitoring would be a great option for this project.

You cant install something that is offered as a cloud service. Cloud usually means someone provides you the service.

Do you currently have a cloud instance of grafana ?