Grafana Beyla with Node.js in k8s - missing metrics


I’m currently trying to get warm with Grafana Beyla. Specifically trying to export prometheus metrics of my Node.js application in a kubernetes cluster. It works/worked with manually instrumenting the service, exposing the metrics on a /metrics endpoint and putting a PodMonitor on top.
Now with Beyla I can’t seem to expose the listed metrics (Beyla exported metrics | Grafana Cloud documentation). I removed the manual instrumentation from before working with Beyla.

This is the Beyla Deployment configuration (via Terraform):

container {
          name = "autoinstrument"
          image = "grafana/beyla:latest"
          security_context {
            run_as_user = 0
            capabilities {
              add = ["SYS_ADMIN"]
          env {
            name = "BEYLA_OPEN_PORT"
            value = "3000"
          env {
            name = "BEYLA_PROMETHEUS_PORT"
            value = "15000"
          port {
            name = "port-beyla"
            protocol = "TCP"
            container_port = 15000

Furthermore “shareProcessNamespace: true” is set.
The Node container is running in the same pod and listening on port 3000.

Effectively I followed this description Deploy Beyla in Kubernetes | Grafana Cloud documentation.

When I check the /metrics endpoint the only metric that is exported is

Am I doing something wrong or simply overestimating Beylas capabilities?