Grafana backend datasource streaming issue - both panels plot same datapoints

I have two TimeSeries panels on my dashboard and both of them have queries that execute against my Custom Datasource which streams data using Grafana backend datasource’s streaming capability. The problem I am facing is that even though both of them have different underlying queries, the same data-points is plotted in both the panels. The below code looks like the culprit.

if queryModel.WithStreaming {
channel := live.Channel{
Scope: live.ScopeDatasource,
Namespace: pCtx.DataSourceInstanceSettings.UID,
Path: “stream”,
frame.SetMeta(&data.FrameMeta{Channel: channel.String()})

If I comment out the above code block, both the panels correctly load their respective data-points. Now the documentation suggests that the Path property in the above code block can be any valid value but sadly it does not allow anything other than “stream”. Can some one guide me how I can solve the above issue? Basically I want each timeseries panel to plot their respective data-points correctly even if that requires a separate channel to be created for each panel. Thanks in advance.