Building a Streaming Datasource Backend Plugin

Hi Grafana team,
I want to build a custom backend data source plugin with streaming capability.
So far im not able to find any example for my use case and grafana documentation link not showing anything
i would be really appreciated if someone points me to correct resource.

hi. The link seems to had changed. Here’s the correct link Build a streaming data source plugin | Grafana documentation

Its seem this documentation for frontend streaming data source. i wants to build backend data source with streaming capability

More Precisely, I want to return stream of data from backend component.

Hi there,

We have a repository for plugin examples, but unfortunately have not yet gotten around to adding a backend streaming plugin. We have a GitHub issue to keep track of this.

There are a few Grafana made plugins that implement backend streaming however:

Perhaps these can serve as a helpful reference. Do let us know if that helps you get started!


I was just looking into this for my own sake, and Grafana’s documentation is quite lacking. With a bit of luck I got a streaming example working using the deprecated example at: GitHub - grafana/grafana-starter-datasource-backend: A starter for Grafana data source plugins with a backend along with the WebArchive version of your link: Build a streaming data source backend plugin | Grafana Labs

Supposedly the repository is deprecated, but it works for me and my backend plugin is for personal use anyways so I’m not worried about the API changing. Maybe wouldn’t recommend this if you were going to try and publish the plugin… Hope this helps!

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all of the grafana docs links seem to be bad / invalid (for the tutoral “building a streaming data source backend plugin” ).

the only valid one is to use the way back machine / archive (assuming that info is still valid).

the docs for creating a streaming backend datasource will be updated soon with the latest example in the plugin-tools repo.

i’d like to add and example of a streaming dynamic datasource for scenes-based apps.