Grafana backchannel logout when connected to SSO or workaround


does anyone have any working setup of logging user out from grafana after the user session is signed out manually from keycloak, or user is blocked/deleted in keycloak?

There doesnt seem to be backchannel mechanism implemented in grafana as far as I can tell, so Im lookig for a alternative solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated - I can post my config, if anyone needs it.

EDIT: Its keycloak in my case

I would say you are correct. You have to build it on your own. E.g. “steal” some path with nginx in front of Grafana, implement own code (e.g. logout via API/DB request/…) and let Keycloak to call that your custom log. I don’t believe there is any doc, so you have to have knowledge and know what you are doing.