Grafana authentication keeps failing

I have a basic (free) personal grafana account and a single cloud hosted application (korinel). Since yesterday (Aug 3) I have been unable to view my application. This is the same for every browser, on multiple devices, regardless of whether I’ve cleared my cookies.

It seems to accept my login/cookie, but I keep getting redirected to a new application - by tcdl - which appeared at the same time (Aug 3) without my knowledge. I have absolutely no idea what this application is, and when I attempt to delete it from my “authorized applications list” this action fails. I click the cross, click “confirm delete”, and it fails to delete.

I have tried direct links into my application, and they always redirect to this mysterious, which always reports the error “User not a member of one of the required organizations”. So I can’t even access my application in order to copy it to a private server.

Does anyone know what’s going on? This is a very weird bug.