Grafana Annotation Export/Import

Is there a way to export/import Grafana annotations from one instance of Grafana to another? My use case is I have thousands of annotations in an older version of Grafana and would like to export/sync these annotations to a newer version of Grafana. The datasource is easy to port, just point to it in the new version of Grafana but I don’t know of an easy way to port over Grafana annotations located at /api/annotations.

I also sometimes run two versions of Grafana and it would be useful to use one Grafana as a “master” for annotations and have a way to sync the annotations to other grafana VMs in near-real time. I got around this by adding the annotations to each Grafana but it is not an ideal solution.

In general I believe the Grafana annotation features/api/data are super useful.

Thanks in advance.


Question is if we could just have a location where these are stored. I could then just make a mount in my docker container instance and do a backup every day or so.