Grafana and solar pannel monitoring, how calculate the total production by day?

Good evening, I have made a solar pannel monitoring to see the production . Like this :

I can see the instant production, but I want to see also the total production for each day. Is it possible ?

Thanks, Chris.

helo and welcome to the forums! yes sure you can integrate it up to one day. it is standards function. thank you

Sorry, but I 'am really beginner on grafana !

In my project I use an influxdb database with data every 5 s, so there is 17 280 data by day.

But after I don’t know what is the function to watch the total production for one day … Thanks for you help !


I as a grafana profesional suggest you this way:
SELECT ( non_negative_difference(last(“value”))) FROM “any.value” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1d)