Grafana Alerts to MSTeams - how to include emoticons in templates

How should emoticons be formatted in the MSTeams templates so they appear? I tried including them as hex codes &#x; as well as the spelled version (e.g. (fire)) but it just prints the plain text in the channel.


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have you tried using the actual emoji in the template instead of writing them in code/ spelled version?

By “actual emoji” do you mean try copy paste the visualized emoji from Teams into the template editor? I tried but copies a non printable character and does not get visualized in teams when the template is used

Not sure what happens behind the scenes but I tested with these emojis from GitHub and they both work :horse: :sob: . Try to send yourself a test notification to Teams, and if they work, you know where to get more :wink:

Alerting > Contact Points > Test contact points


Ok, when I go to emoji-cheat-sheet/ at master · ikatyang/emoji-cheat-sheet · GitHub and copy one of the visualized icons, I’m able to paste those into the template and they display.
If however I copy the two emojis you posted above from this thread, they do not:

Use the ones that work. the ones posted on this forum might be altered under the covers in the html format of the forum

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