Grafana Alerts Showing Incorrect Time Compared to Actual Grafana Graph

I have set up a simple alert to display/fire when the Elasticsearch Translog total size exceeds 30GB, configured to include an image of the Graph. The alert continues to work without issue, but I noticed that while the Graph in the alert image mirrors the shape and proportions of the live graph in Grafana, the alert time (X-axis) is shifted forward about 7 hours

Here, you can see the live Graph in Grafana, stretching from (roughly) 11am yesterday to 11am this morning.

Here, in the image that was sent with the alert, the time spans from 6pm yesterday until 6pm this evening, despite the fact that it is only 11am.

Both show the period of 24 hours, but the time in the alert “thinks” it’s 7 hours later than it is. Why would the time in the alert (wrong) differ from the live graph display time (correct) and how can I address it so the alert displays the correct time?

Old topic i know, but did you find a resolution? I am in the same boat