Grafana alert with multiple "stages"

@grant2, thank you. That was helpfull.

Now I got alerts with dynamic severity label. It reacts on the value of a calculation.

You If I configure a label more than one time, just one of these lables are saved to the final configuration. I do that via GUI.
If I try to do it in the yaml, I get the hint from my IDE, that it in no valid yaml.

            ressource: storage
            severity: '{{if gt $values.B.Value 80.0 }}warning{{else}}none{{end}}'
            severity: '{{if gt $values.B.Value 90.0 }}high{{else}}none{{end}}'
            severity: '{{if gt $values.B.Value 95.0 }}critical{{else}}none{{end}}'

As you´ve shown here, you setup a multi condition case. How have you done that?