Grafana alert rule label values


I am trying to add label values from prometheus query to alert rule. I currently have query A done by Prometheus and classic condition B:

When this rule fires I get the following result:

My end goal would be to access Prometheus labels for multiple rules, so this means I probably need to access different labels.
I have Grafana 9.3.6 and Prometheus 2.42.0.

Hi! If you would like the values from the query in the alert rule then you shouldn’t use Classic Condition, but instead either 1. Reduce + Threshold or 2. Reduce + Math expression. Classic Conditions remove labels from the query by design as they combine all series from the query together.

Thanks, I removed classic condition and did Reduce + Math expression combo and got label values. Thank you again!

Hi @georgerobinson,
I do not have Classic Condition but still have the same issue. :thinking: Do you have any idea? Am I missing some other requirement? I cannot insert any image, I do not know why :confused: