Grafana Agent - Windows Installation

We wanted to test Grafana Agent for Windows .
The process we followed :
Downloaded version : v0.13.1
I have downloaded the zip file , extracted and then run the file (no interactive installer) ,it asks for -config file , i have created a file config.yml ,manually and placed it in c:\Program File\Grafana Agent\ directory .

Post running the agent , we are able to send the logs to loki , but when the cmd prompt is closed , agent stops to send the logs .

Downloaded file :

**Do we have an agent which is installed in an interactive way and run as service ?

That functionality is coming in v.014, which is currently a release candidate. You can find the download here. The RC candidate should graduate to an actual release soon with no changes.

The v0.14 adds installer, ability to run as a service, and writing logs to the Windows Event Log. If you do use it please let use know any feedback you might have.

Hi @mattdurham
Sorry for delayed response , this is working as expected now .
I tried installing grafana agent and below features works perfectly fine :

  • interactive installation set up ,
  • configuration (we need to add loki configuration)
  • Enabling windows_exporter by default and running as service
  • Uninstallation also works perfectly
  • Logs are written to Event logs

One Question : Why is grafana agent .exe not shipped/downloaded via zip file like other flavours , right now it gets downloaded in .exe format and in most of the companies downloading exe files will be blocked .