Grafana Agent Community Call - March Edition

:grafana_agent: The March 2023 community call is tomorrow, March 22! :grafana_agent:

This month’s agenda:

  • Discuss how Grafana Agent Flow will add support for PodMonitors, Probes, and ServiceMonitors
  • Discuss how Grafana Agent Flow will support reusable configs called “modules”
  • Discuss what we’re doing to enable horizontally scalable metrics collection in Flow
  • Live review of open Grafana Agent Flow proposals

The call is at 15:00 UTC; if you’re looking to have input on the future of Grafana Agent, mark your calendars for tomorrow and join us!

The call will be recorded and posted on YouTube. If you are unable to attend the call but still want to provide input for what we are working on, please do so as comments on the relevant GitHub issues :slight_smile: