Grafana 9 alerts still running for deleted panels

Since I updated to Grafana 9, some of my panels show a blue color alert, and when you try to click on it, an error “unknown alert type” (so you can’t delete the alert). I decided to duplicate the panel, delete the old one and create again the alert, and it seems that after a few attempts, it resolves the blue alert and “unknown” error, but it looks like previous alerts are still running even if the panel has been deleted.

How to handle that?

Also it looks like now we can’t anymore delete “all” the alerts from a panel, how come has that ability been removed or is an alternative way to do it (tried to find it, no luck)?

Hi @jordipalet

Can you please provide some more information as what was the previous and now the current version.

Also which OS you are using and are you running grafana on a Docker/K8s OR just locally ?

Finally before the update, the default database was sqlite or some other ?