Grafana 7.2.1 Error on alert - tsdb.HandleRequest() error Request failed status: 404 Not Found


I’m trying to create an alert when using graph panel and App insights source
please assist


Please provide more details on your use case, maybe snapshot can help explain your issue.

Good Luck

As I said I’m using App insights source with custom query
traces\n| where $__timeFilter(timestamp)\n|where message contains “Authorization failed -”\n| where timestamp >= ago(20m)\n| summarize NumberOfRequests=count() by bin(timestamp, 1m)\n| order by timestamp

Can anyone help?


Just to simplify, is the whole query not working or just some part of it (did you try only query for authorization failed omitting the other criteria). Do you get the same error no matter the query ?

the query is working, I get the expected result, the alert is not working