Grafana 30day NO date

7day data is ok

30day No data

Please help thanks

It can be displayed for two days before, but it cannot be displayed for 7 days. After modifying httpd/zabbix.conf, it can be displayed for 7 days.

But I still can’t see it for 30 days
The same is true for increasing memory_limit

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I have to ask the obvious question: Are you sure that you certain that the data exists in your source before 11/18 or so?

Check zabbix to make sure there is no more than 7 days of data
How do I need to change zabbix?



Are you stating that you need to change Zabbix to go back more than 7 days? I have never used Zabbix, but it sounds like your question is more of a Zabbix question than a Grafana question. Maybe try their forum?