Grafana 10.1.8 >> Grafana 10.4

My goal is to update Grafana to version 10.4, but I’ve encountered a problem with using variables in the SELECT field with my InfluxDB data source. Specifically, when I attempt to use a variable (e.g., $XML_METHODS) along with functions like sum()+ in the SELECT field, Grafana does not support it for versions higher than 10.1.8.

I have noticed that switching to query mode allows the graphs to function properly. However, I prefer to keep my graphs using field filling rather than querying.

Could you please provide assistance or guidance on how to resolve this issue? It’s crucial for our operations to have this functionality working smoothly.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and resolution.

Welcome @omaryem

If you are using InfluxQL, see examples here: Grafana

If you are using SQL, see examples here: Grafana

Switching to query mode temporarily resolve the issue and allows the graphs to function correctly, but my preference is to maintain the use of field filling rather than querying. However, when I switch to field filling, the graphs remain empty.