Global variable with alias without losing original value

I have a question regarding global variables.
I’m using Postgresql, in my query I have 2 returns, the first an alias another a code, I need the alias to be visualized, in the list that is on the dashboard more when I point this variable in my panel the code that is returned in the query that will be used, I believe this replacement is done with regex


Hi @dudaarch,

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I am not certain that I understand your question correctly. But to best understanding, your SQL query gives you to outupt as the final result i.e.


And you are using one of these as an alias. If this is correct then, yes you can use regex to limit/hide your results that you do not want to view for e.g.

use something like, if you want to hide:

/.LJFF*/ => to hide LJFF 10
or the other way for F8033…C_20

I hope this helps.