Getting "x509: certificate signed by unknown authority" on Windows even after adding all the certificates on my local system

I ma trying to load test my API which i am able to access and hit successfully through Postman but on running k6 script for the same API i am getting

“x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”

I have added the required cert on windows system
How can this issue be fixed?

The easiest solution is to simply skip the verification in options:

export const options = {
  insecureSkipTLSVerify: true,

This is OK as long as the scope of your testing is non-functional, especially if you are the owner of the API being tested (if you weren’t, then you might want to let the owner know that the server is presenting an invalid certificate).

@Tom I tried this thing and it worked for me as well, Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:
Much appreciated