Getting Unknown module: k6/x/kafka with kafka extensions

Getting below error while running the k6 script mentioned in the Readme on below kafka extension using this command:

./k6 run script.js

Build k6 with xk6 using below command:
./xk6 build --with

Error :

ERRO[0001] GoError: unknown module: k6/x/kafka
	at reflect.methodValueCall (native)
	at file:///home/ashish_22484/xk6_compiled/rtddkafka.js:55:47(22)  hint="script exception"

OS : Amazon linux2
go version : go1.15.8 linux/amd64

& same on

OS : OSx Bigsur
go version :go1.14.15 darwin/amd64

Hi @yorkmena,

I answered you in the github issue, but tldr: you can run xk6 build --with and it will produce binary that will work for you.

Yes it worked. Thanks:)