Getting DatasourceNoData in my alerts

I’m utilizing BigQuery as the data source, and the alert will identify endpoints with a 95th percentile latency exceeding 1000 milliseconds. In the alerts, I occasionally receive the endpoints, while other times I encounter a “DatasourceNoData” error. I’ve attempted to resolve the issue by disconnecting and reconnecting the data source.
Can someone help on this
Grafana open source: v10.2.0

Your query doesn’t return any data (it returns empty resuly). You know your businesses logic, so update your query to return data in all cases or configure nodata as OK state on the alert level.

I am getting the result. Also I have set my Alert state to OK

Yes, you are getting result now (one timestamp in the time dimension). But alerter is not getting result at that time, when it was evaluating (different timestamp in time dimension) and that was reason why nodata was generated.

Repeat execution of this query statistically many times at different times and you should replicate issue. There should be some execution when query won’t return any result.

The timestamp which stored in my DB is UTC. So I changed my query to this, yet I am getting the same error

Also since the partition is in UTC day format, I changed query and still getting NoData error

Can someone check this