Get data from Api with generated Bearer token

I maid a script that login to Eon Navigator Api with generated Bearer token based on login and gets your electric data based on month, day and hour. But i dont know how to get use of it Grafana. GitHub - Microbuse/Eon-Navigator
I would like to see kWh over time graf. Can anyone give me some advice. I am new to this.


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @mikaelronn

There are a TON of power-consumption-per-day topics on this site. I would do a search over the past few years. There are lots of sample queries on good threads with input from advanced influx users. They are all a little different depending on the flavor of your setup and desired outcome, but I bet you’ll find some useful stuff if you go digging :+1:

It doesn’t sound like you’re using influx but these other posts will help :+1: