Get components on a vector calculation in the same series

Referring to LogQL | Grafana Labs “The following example returns the rates requests partitioned by app and status as a percentage of total requests.” is done by summing by app and status for success, dividing by total requests. That’s fine and works. However I want to know the “scale” of the % so that I can alert on it.

For example, a 30% failure on 4 requests total vs a 30% failure on 50000 requests total.

Is there a way we can “union” the returned time series and include the total request count next to the % value? For example from the docs above, labels returned would be:

  {app="foo", status="200", total_request_count="50000"} => 0.8
  {app="foo", status="400", total_request_count="3"} => 0.1
  {app="foo", status="500", total_request_count="100"} => 0.1

Then in alert message I can say:

${app} has a high failure rate, out of ${total_request_count} requests

Since this is for alerts I dont mind if I have to run the query multiple times. Since the range of the query is small.