Gauge showing up twice

Hi there! Grafana newbie here. I have a prometheus data source that is using Node Exporter. I am seeking to create a gauge that shows disk space usage for a specific mountpoint (/mnt/tank). I have created the query and it works, but for some reason I always get 2 gauges instead of one. See the image for more details:

What am i doing wrong?

I can’t see anything wrong with the Grafana setup, so I suspect the problem is with Prometheus returning two values. Use Query Inspector to look at the raw data you are getting from Prometheus and see if that gives you any clues:

Click on the Query Inspector button, then the Refresh button, then open up the result array which should have 2 values. Open up both values and look at the metric object to see the differences in the returned data. It may be that Prometheus is collecting/reporting on 2 instances or something like that.

That was it… i had two different hosts sending data about the same network share. Thanks!!!